Lashtastic proud member of NALA since 2016 ❤️ 2020 NALA nominee 🎉


National Association of Lash Artists


Nicola White is a member of good standing with the National Association of Lash Artists.

The National Association of Lash Artists offers support to the lash industry by establishing much-needed regulatory guidelines, as well as offering Accreditation, Educator Certification, NALA Memberships and Industry Awards.

NALA is dedicated to nurturing the growth and sustainability of our professional trade. This association, in a very short time, has been instrumental in improving professional standards for lash technicians, lash educators and most recently, product manufacturers and suppliers.

NALA President, Levi Shephard, spent three years researching and collaborating with beauty industry experts in several countries, consulting with lash artists and educators around the globe and studying existing industry guidelines already in place. This vital research has provided insight to the common concerns of the lash world and their best solutions. 

Lash award nominee!


Nicola is beyond thrilled and honored to be an award nominee in 3 categories with NALA - the Global Association.  

Alberta Health Services


Nicola's comfortable home-based studio is fully licensed in the town of Okotoks, and holds Alberta Health Services certification for meeting and exceeding sterilization and cleanliness requirements.

Russian Volume Trained

Nicola trained with the team at Eyelash Excellence in her Russian Volume techniques to ensure the most full and beautiful lashes for her clients.

Ongoing education


Nicola is a firm believer in continuing education and as such she participates in regular training and conferences for lash professionals to ensure that she is providing her clients with the most up to date techniques and products.